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Door Current Version
Current Version: 5.20
Minimum system requirements

For upgrades please contact Chown for support (800-547-1930), or email us at

To find your current software version go to “Help” then “About”
If your software no longer exists please contact Chown for support (800-547-1930)


Installation options allow this software to be installed as fully operational software or as demonstration software. For proper operation with PXL controllers, the host computer running Doors must meet the following minimum requirements:

• PC compatible computer using a Pentium-90 or faster microprocessor
• minimum of 16 MB of system RAM (the larger the cardholder database, the larger the RAM should be)
• SVGA color monitor with SVGA graphics card (800 x 600 minimum resolution)
• CD-ROM, 3.5 inch diskette drive, keyboard, mouse (or other pointing device)
• 50 MB of hard disk space
• COM port to support an external modem or direct RS-232 serial connection
• Ethernet card if using a LAN-50 or LAN-100 for TCP/IP connections
• Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, or Windows NT v4.0
• Doors is NOT COMPATIBLE with Windows 3.xx, Windows NT v3.51, and MS-DOS

Controller Firmware/PIC Requirements

PXL-500 8.4.10/2.05 8.5.14/2.11
EntraGuard Gold and Titanium 7.3.04/1.04 7.6.05/1.11
EntraGuard Platinum 9.0.1/1.0.10 9.1.06/1.11
PXL-250 6.3.21/1.06 6.3.61/1.10

To our Doors32 Software customers: Our newest software application, Doors.NET, now supports the PXL-500 hardware family. Because Doors32 will only be compatible through Windows 7 and not beyond, we recommend that you upgrade your system to Doors.NET, which will not only extend the life of your PXL-500 system, but will bring you a host of new features. Click here to find out more.

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