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Remote Account Manager
Current Version: 6.3
Minimum system requirements

For upgrades please contact Chown for support (800-547-1930), or email us at

To find your current software version go to “Help” then “About”
If your software no longer exists please contact Chown for support (800-547-1930)

When considering an upgrade to your software we strongly encourage reading the software release notes to determine if the fixes or added enhancements in an upgrade are relevant to your system. We also strongly suggest you back up your entire system to removable media prior to attempting an upgrade.


Here are the minimum requirements needed to install and use the DoorKing Remote Account Manager for Windows.

• A PC running Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 2000.
• A Pentium processor.
• 8 Megabytes of RAM memory (recommend 16 Megabytes).
• An internet connection (if using this method to send and receive data to the access system).
• An RS-232 port (to view live transactions).
• A mouse.
• A Hayes compatible modem on COM 1 or COM 2 (if using this method to send and receive data to the access system).
• A CD Drive.
• The DoorKing Remote Account Manager Software.

NOTE: This software program is not designed to operate in a network environment.

Some computers with an internal modem will not communicate with the 1833, 1834, 1835, 1837 and 1838 systems. If you have difficulty communicating using an internal modem, we suggest you use the internet connection option to allow the DKS server to communicate with the access system.

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