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chown security locksmith services
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Chown is the industry leader in locksmith services. Chown can provide you with the expertise needed to secure you facility. Whether you need a few locks re-keyed or you need a new master key system for your campus with a restricted keyway. Chown has world-class products, certified registered locksmiths and years of experience you can depend on. Since 1879, Chown provides security and safety solutions for facilities, people and assets. Contact us today for your site evaluation.

Chown Locksmith Services:

Building Rekeying
  • Site survey to determine existing systems need for new or upgraded product.
  • This includes rekeying existing cylinders or adding new cylinders for better security. 
  • Cylinders replacement doesn’t affect existing door locks.
Cabinet Locks
  • Key the locks into existing systems
Classroom Security
  • Updates and upgrades for your existing systems
  • Remove and replace existing hardware
  • A site visit to determine a product specific bid that includes install, product, warranties, project management and training.
Master Key Systems
  • A detailed diagram of a building locking systems.
  • Key systems provide controlled access and convenience of operation. 
  • The end user is provided a matrix of door numbers, descriptions of the doors, hardware on the door, key symbols for doors, amount of keys for each door, bitting numbers, stamped and numbered keys and a one year warranty.
Personalized Keying Spec Writing
  • Systems designed for the end user to install and maintain. 
  • Includes site visit, lock identification, key meetings, excel spreadsheet matrix and floor plan.
  • Product shipped directly to the end user.
  • Training for end users staff.
  • On-site training on locking software and door hardware
Trained, Licenced and Certified Chown Locksmiths:Certified and Licensed
  • Certified locksmith with an ALOA certification
  • Licensed locksmith: Oregon requires all locksmiths to be licensed.  Washington does not require licensing.
Factory Trained
  • Chown locksmiths are trained to install auto openers, electric strikes, mag locks and door hardware.