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Primus Signature Card & Face Sheet

Primus is the highest level of mechanical security. It requires a signature card on file. When elevating to Primus, changing authorized personnel or adding new signers, you will need to download the Primus Signature Sheet. They must be received as an original, no copies or faxes. If your system is held at the factory (level 3 and level 9) and is existing then mail the form to the address on the card. If new or the system is held at Chown then mail it to Chown Inc. P.O. Box 2888, Portland, OR 97208 Attn. Jeff Hawes so it can accompany the new order.

Face sheets are required on every order for Primus. Never mail Face Sheets to the factory, mail them to:

Chown Inc. Attn. Jeff Hawes

P.O.Box 2888, Portland, OR 97208

Or email them to

This accompanies the order to Schlage. They match the signatures with the signature card on file and then proceed with the order.