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Watch Video Schlage Control™

Schlage Control™ Smart Deadbolts and Schlage Control™ Smart Interconnected Locks eliminate dealing with traditional keys, while giving residents convenient smart card and phone credentials. Open architecture design delivers the ability to manage both residence and common area doors on the same system.

Watch Video Schlage Connect™ - Lock Operation & Features

This video will walk you through the available features on your Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt, including how to lock and unlock your door, autolock, programming basics and more.

Watch Video Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt Installation

The Schlage SenseTM Smart Deadbolt is one of the strongest, most intelligent Bluetooth®-enabled locks available. The lock gives you truly keyless convenience by giving you the option to enter your home with an access code on its illuminated touchscreen or by using your iPhone®.

Watch Video Schlage - Introduction to Door Hardware: Intro to codes

This video provides an introduction to codes.

Watch Video Schlage - Introduction to Schlage Key Systems for Locksmiths

This animation explains the basics of key systems, including open, restricted, and high security systems.

Watch Video LCN - Intro to Door Hardware: Door Closer Arm Options

This video describes LCN closer arm options.

Watch Video Von Duprin - Intro to Door Hardware: Where is Panic Hardware Required by Code?

This video describes where panic door hardware is required by code.

Watch Video Von Duprin - Intro to Door Hardware: Ives Flush Bolts and Coordinators

This video describes Ives flush bolts and coordinators.

Watch Video Von Duprin - 4040XP Real Deal Stories of Closer Abuse

Anybody can hang a door closer in a lab and cycle it to failure, but at LCN we go the extra mile to make sure our closers are built to handle the real world abuse, and punishment, that they're faced with everyday. The door closer is the heart of the opening, and that door closer needs to withstand heavy abuse to make sure the opening is functioning safely and securely. This video exposes what abuse can do to the internal components of a door closer, and how the 4040XP is built with the strength, and durability, to withstand just about anything.

Watch Video Von Duprin - Spot the Imposter

The 4040XP is the strongest and most robust closer on the market, and that's why it's one of the world's most imitated closer! But don't be fooled by impostors, make sure that when you purchase a door closer, you're certain it's a genuine LCN product. This video shows you just a few ways to make sure that you're always getting the real deal.

Watch Video Von Duprin - How to Install LCN 4040XP Closer

This video demonstrates how to install the LCN 4040XP door closer.

Watch Video Von Duprin

This video demonstrates how to convert a Von Duprin 98 or 99 Series Rim exit device to a QEL with the QEL modular kit.

Watch Video Von Duprin

This video demonstrates how to convert a Von Duprin 98 or 99 Exit Device with Electric Latch (EL) retraction to the Quiet Electric Latch (QEL) with the QELA Baseplate Kit.

Watch Video Allegion

This video explains handing on door hardware.

Watch Video Olympus Lock

Watch training videos on small pin national or CCL Keyway Products, 720, 820, 920, SA54, CR25, ME93 & YA93 Series Cam Locks and Schlage Keyway Products

Watch Video DL2800 Installation

Watch training videos on how to install Alarm Lock Advanced Trilogy Locks

Watch Video Migrating from Alarm Lock version 4.1.96 to 5.1.1

4.1.96 to 5.1.1 is a video for users going from XP to Win7 Pro or 8.1 Windows Pro. This will not operate correctly on home version. The software loads and appears to work but when it comes time to program a lock the HOME version doesn’t have the security features that Pro and Enterprise has.

Watch Video DL3500 to PDL3500

Removing a DL3500 mortise lock and replacing it with a Prox or PDL3500 mortise lock.

Watch Video Avigilon Micro Dome Innovation

Avigilon's Sudeep Mohan (mechanical designer project lead) and Sina Afrooze (director of device development) discuss the design process and the inspiration behind the world's smallest HD dome

Watch Video SMS How to Disable the PC Shutdown Time
Watch Video

Programming the CM lock with an HHD for the first time

When locks have been programmed with the HP IPAC PDA and now with the HHD this is what you do.

Watch Video

How to read a Schlage key

Reading the bitting of a key

Watch Video DL Windows Add Admin Users and DTM Code
Watch Video DL Windows Add Normal Users Pins and Cards
Watch Video DL Windows Delete User or Cards
Watch Video DL Windows DTM
Watch Video DL Windows Groups
Watch Video DL Windows USB to Serial