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WLALKIT: Wireless Lock Interface
Keyscan, Allegion partner for innovative wireless lock solution

Keyscan’s WLALKIT is a combination product that features a CA8WL-AL access control unit from Keyscan and a PIM400-485 wireless lock interface from Allegion. Together, they allow integration with up to eight (8) Allegion AD400 series wireless locks on a new or existing Keyscan access control system*.

CA8WL-AL Access Control Unit The CA8WL-AL is Keyscan’s PoE equipped access control unit designed for this wireless application. This ACU interface receives and authenticates credential data transmitted from the PIM400-485 and responds with access granted or denied based on the permissions criteria set in Keyscan Aurora access control management software. A condensed size unit, the CA8WL-AL can be installed virtually anywhere. It is easily connected to your LAN/WAN network and can be powered using PoE (where available). If PoE is not available a 12VDC input option is provided.

PIM400-485 Wireless Interface Module The PIM400-485 is a wireless lock interface from Allegion. It receives signal data from up to 8 AD400 series lock sets and transmits signal data to Keyscan’s CA8WL-AL controller via RS-485. Its features include a powerful 900 MHz spread spectrum technology that enables high transmission power in a license-free band, an error detection algorithm that maintains data integrity on each transmission, a “heartbeat” supervision signal to ensure reliable RF communication is maintained, and Dynamic channel switching to overcome harsh RF environments by automatically changing channels to avoid potential interference. For programming AD400 series lock sets, an Allegion HHD is also required (sold separately).
*requires Keyscan Aurora access control management software Version 1.0.10 or higher.

Features and Benefits:
  • Features both Keyscan CA8WL-AL ACU and Allegion’s PIM400485 wireless interface module in 1 one convenient kit.
  • Allows integration with up to 8 Allegion AD400 series wireless lock sets per kit.
  • Functions with Keyscan’s renowned Aurora access control management software (ver 1.0.10 or higher).
  • Functions seamlessly as a stand-alone system or within a new or existing Keyscan access control system running Keyscan Aurora software version 1.0.10 or higher.
  • A convenient solution for Allegion AD400 series wireless access control applications.
  • PoE (when available) can supply sufficient power for both CA8WL-AL controller and PIM400-485 interface module.

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